The Beginning between two worlds

автор: Petio Petev
заглавие: The Beginning between two worlds
година: 2003
ISBN: 954-9536-86-6
Издател: Paradigma Publishing House
цена: 11 лв.

Транспортните разходи са за сметка на клиента This is a far cry from the meager relationship that existed between the governments of the United States and Bulgaria in 1903, when the first U. S. diplomatic agent was accredited to Sofia. Indeed, until fairly recently, government to government relations were thin at best. And yet, for over a century, going back well before the establishment of diplomatic relations, Americans have played a role in Bulgarian life and one, moreover, that Americans can be proud of.
The Bulgarian uprising against Ottoman rule in 1876 and its brutal suppression by Turkish irregular troops are key events in the history of Bulgaria, the details of which are known to every Bulgarian school child. The suppression of the revolt, even more than to uprising itself, generated a wave of sympathy in the outside world that did much to help the Bulgarians achieve their independence. In the late 19th century, Bulgaria was far away and news from that distant region was slow to trickle out the rest of the world. By a curious coincidence, two Americans played a key role in bringing these events to the attention of the outside world.