Genitourinary Tuberculosis

автор: Chavdar Slavov
заглавие: Genitourinary Tuberculosis
година: 2007
ISBN: 978-954-326-038-6
Издател: Парадигма
цена: 40 лв.

Транспортните разходи са за сметка на клиента Though presently there is no explicit trend of increasing the incidence of genito-urinary tuberculosis (GT), it is expected to rise in the near future because of the specifics of the TBC process. At the same time the advanced stages of the disease are observed more often, which results in a high percentage of organ loss and incapacitation. This provokes the search for more suitable methods of early diagnostics and more effective therapeutic schemes and techniques.
This book encompasses the comprehensive 25 year experience of the author, including evaluation of the implemented new diagnostic methods and update of the classic ones. A substantial portion of this scientific paper is dedicated to the new and modified surgical techniques of organ-sparing and reconstructive operative procedures, introduced in the practice of urology.
The narrative reflects the most advanced achievements of medical science and practice, supported by a large number of reference publications.
This book does not cover only the domain of urologists, but a wider array of medical specialties (nephrologists, phtysiatrics, GPs and others.
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