The Future Is not What it Used to Be..

автор: Randall Baker
заглавие: The Future Is not What it Used to Be..
година: 2008
ISBN: 978-954-326-054-6
Издател: Paradigma
цена: 17 лв.

Транспортните разходи са за сметка на клиента The book is divided into three totally interlocking parts that appear separately only in the interest of tidiness, and to show that I do not follow my own rules. I fear the book would be full of repetition if I did not follow this path. But, just as energy is the explanation and motive force for everything in Gaia, so Change is the root of understanding what in the world is happening. I regret to say that the same Dr. Lovelock published a book in March of 2006, saying that human damage to Gaia was now beyond the point of repair, and that Gaia would take care of it, but we would probably not be around to see that by 2,100. So much for Sustainability.